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NameCBDTHCTypeTerpene profile Stain Cross
Sunset Octane LOQ%35.62%Sativa2.29%Sunset Sherbert X
Octane OG BX3
Jungle Cake LOQ%35.64%Sativa3.23%White Fire #43 X
Wedding Cake
Pink CertsLOQ%36.5%Sativa Dominate 2.11%Menthol X
Purple Gasoline
Georgia Pie LOQ%30.1%Hybrid 1.89%Gelati X Kush Mintz
Northern wreck.92%30.24%Indica1.1%Northern Lights X
Han Solo Burger LOQ%35.51%Indica dominate.92%Gmo Cookies X
Larry OG
Confusion kushLOQ%30.32%Indica dominate1.73%OG Kush Family
Key Lime Pie LOQ%31.91%Indica dominate1.53%GSC Strain
GMO Cookies LOQ%36.34%Indica dominate1.28%GSC X Chemdawg
Bahama Blizzard LOQ%34.77Indica dominate1.01%Caribbean Cooler X
Jet Fuel
Glitter Apple LOQ%34.9%Indica dominate.75%Grease Monkey X
Sour Diesel
Sluricane LOQ%39.3%Indica 1.37%Do-Si-Dos X
Purple Punch
White Runtz LOQ%33.78%Hybrid1.81%Gelato X
LA Pop Rocks LOQ%30.5%Hybrid1.23%TKBx2 X
Z Animal
Truffle Shuffle LOQ%30.68%Sativa Dominate 2.71%Snow Wreck X ?
Agent Orange LOQ%26.89%Sativa Dominate 5.07%Orange Velvet X
Jack The Ripper
Jack HereLOQ%28.88%Sativa4.98%Haze X Northern Lights
X Shiva Skunk
ChieselLOQ%30.6%Sativa 3.81%Big Buddha Cheese X
Sour Diesel
Silver Jack 1.9%25.2%Sativa2.98%Super Silver Haze
X Jack herer
Cake WalkLOQ%30Indica3.61%True OG X
Forum GSC
Purple Cake LOQ%28.2%Indica2.11%Gran Daddy Purple X
Ice Cream Cake
Mango KushLOQ%30.3%Indica1.89%Mango X
Hindu Kush
Purple Punch LOQ%28.51%Indica1.26%Larry OG X
Granddaddy Purple
Venom OG LOQ%31.03%Indica 1.77%Poison OG X
Rare Darkness
G.M.O. Cookies LOQ%28%Indica Dominate 2.80%GSC X
Chemdawg #4
Tang Breath LOQ%29.2%Indica Dominate 1.59%Tropicana Cookies X
Mendo Breath
Chem Dawg #4LOQ%26.7%Indica 1.82%Skunk Lineage
Mega Runtz LOQ%28%Indica3.88%Runtz X
Don Mega
Black Mamba LOQ%21.25%Indica 2.85%Black Domina X
Granddaddy Purp
Mangolicous 1.3%21.8%Indica 1.71%Big Bud X
White Widow
Peanut Gelato LOQ%26.42%Indica4.89%Peanut Butter Breath
X Gealto
Strawberry Fields LOQ%30.9% Indica dominate2.31%Strawberry Cough X ?
Sticky B****LOQ%29.7% Indica Dominate 1.99%Unknown Genetics
Lava Cake LOQ%26.1%Indica Dominate 2.88%Grape Pie X
Thin Mint GSC
Chocolate Grape Diesel LOQ%23.58%Sativa Hybrid 1.22%Sour Diesel X
Chocolate Thai
Lemon Crack LOQ%25%Sativa3.60%Green Crack X
Lemon Grass
Sour OG.97%26.36%Sativa Dominate 2.9%Sour Diesel X
OG Kush
Royal Orange LOQ%31.4%Hybrid1.13%Skunk #1 X
California Orange
SquirtLOQ%28.11Sativa Dominate3.87%Blueberry Muffin X Tangie
Carl SaganLOQ%21.17%Hybrid1.51%Pre 98 Bubba X Blue Moon Rocks
Sour SunsetLOQ%22.9%Indica Dominate 1.91%Sunset Sherbert X
Sour Diesel
SFV OG LOQ%31%Hybrid2.81%OG Kush X
Wonder Dawg LOQ%30.6%Hybrid1.09%Chem Dawg #4 X Willes Wonder
BBD XXX OG1%28%Indica 3.55%Blueberry Diesel X Triple x OG
Jelly Ranchers LOQ%31%Sativa3.91%Very Cherry X Notorious THC
Montana Silver Tip 1.3%28.9%Indica dominate2.70%Grandaddy Purple X Super Silver Haze
Banana Runtz LOQ%24%Hybrid2.71%Banana OG X Runtz
Donkey Butter LOQ%24.04%Indica dominate2.11%Grease Monkey x Triple OG
Crown Royal 1.1%25.5%Indica1.61%Blueberry X Purple Kush
Black Jack LOQ%21.3Sativa Dominate 1.43%Black Domina X Jack Herer
Magenta Madness LOQ%23.87% Indica Dominate 1.83%Snow Cap X LA Confidential
Double DreamLOQ%20.5%Sativa Dominate 1.19%Blue Dream X Blue Dream
Sundae Driver LOQ%22.16% Hybrid2.47%Fruitty Pebbles X Grape Pie
Ghost Train Haze LOQ%26.2%Sativa 1.66%Ghost OG X Nevill's Haze
GG #4LOQ%21.1%Hybrid1.83%Chocolate Diesel X Chem Sisters
Black Water LOQ%21.29%Indica 1.18%Mendo Purps X SFV OG
Purple Punch LOQ%22%Indica1.2.1%Larry OG X Grandaddy Purp
Lemon Kush 1.2%20%Hybrid1.73%Afghani Kush X Lemon G
GDP X White Widow LOQ%23.59% Indica Dominate 2.01%
Platinum Sour Diesel 1.3%22.4%Indica2.2$%Platinum OG X Sour Diesel
Snoop Dream 1.2%25.71%Hybrid1.54%Blue Dream X Master Kush
Secrete Formula LOQ%26%Indica dominate1.23%White Fire X


At any given time, we are likely to offer a wide variety of pre rolls including our own house-rolled and ready-made from outside vendors.Currently, prices range from $5 to $13 (20% tax included); sizes from .5gram to 1.2gram.House-rolled joints are bud and bud shake only. Positively NO TRIM.
At this time, all pre rolls are cone-with-tip.


Vape Pen Cartriges

Hush 1g distillate cart.
PAC 75.7%11.3%Indica dom
Sour diesel76.6%13.4%Sativa
Sweet melon79.6%6.3%Hybrid
Blueberry pie78.5%5.9%Indica dom
Exhale 1g distillate cart.
Lemon lutos80.3%LOQ%Sativa
Jack Herer85.0%.3%Sativa
Sour jack84.9%3.34%Sativa
Alaskan skunk86.8%3.32%Sativa
Purple magoo84.5%4.0%Hybrid
Chef salad89.6%LOQ%Hybrid
Tahoe OG89.0%LOQ%Hybrid
Gorrila cake85.2%LOQ%Hybrid
Purple kookies84.9%3.24%Indica
MO-JAVE 1g live resin cart.
AC/DC24%52.7%Sativa dom
Purple punch74.2%LOQ%Indica
Rainbow chem dream70.1%LOQ%Hybrid
Chernobyl GMO73.4%4.3%Hybrid
CBDiscovery 1g live resin cart.
Jack Herer71.68%LOQ%
Raspberry parfait60.94%LOQ%
Watermelon zkittles74.87%.17%
Woody melon71.45%LOQ%
Green dragon 1g Co2 or distillate cart.
GG #468.4%LOQ%Hybrid
Purple Hindu Kush69.5%LOQ%Indica
Three finger jack68.8%LOQ%Sativa
Blueberry ice cream83.3%LOQ%Indica
Star killer65.9%2.3%Indica
Poochie love82.3%LOQ%Sativa
Amnesia haze65.9%LOQ%Sativa
Blue dream80.5%LOQ%Hybrid
Green dragon 1/4g disposabe
24k gold72.0%LOQ%Hybrid
Blueberry ice cream83.3%LOQ%Indica
Blue dream80.5%LOQ%Hybrid
Purple hindu kush69.5%LOQ%Indica
Rebel roots 1/2g distillate cart.
Animal cookies80.2%.25%Hybrid
Dawg cookies80.2%.25%Hybrid
Thin mint80.2%.25%Hybrid
Rude boi OG76.3%.28%Hybrid
Rebel roots 1g distillate cart.
Palpatine86.2%LOQ%Indica dom
Tangie cookies86.4%LOQ%Sativa dom
Tropsanto86.2%LOQ%Sativa dom
Shadow box 1g cart.
Cherry chem66.7%.24%Indica dom
Select Elite 1g cart.
Deep chunk87.7%LOQ%Indica
East coast sour diesel88.5%LOQ%Sativa
Purple dream89.2%LOQHybrid
Sour diesel88.0%LOQ%Sativa
Blue cheese92.2%LOQ%Indica
Raspberry kush88.9%LOQ%Indica
Acapulco gold92.0%LOQ%Sativa
Winberry 1/2g Co2 cart.
Bubba kush 64.5%.39%Indica
Lemon Diesel65.8%.40%Sativa dom
Sour diesel65.0%.45%Sativa
Winberry 1g distillate cart.
Bubba kush80.5%3.47%Indica
Pina colada80.3%5.14%Sativa dom
Sour diesel80.3%5.14%Sativa
Tropical trainwreck84.2%2.66%Sativa dom
Washington apple75.9%3.66%Indica dom

Shatter and Crumble

Multi-Award winning Wax Crumble
Full Grams Only
9lb. HammerIndica70.986.821.5/4.04
Vanilla GorillaHybrid78.80.8/5.3
Lemoncello HazeHybrid76.2303.82/4.2
Banana GirlHybrid77.7201.22/4.2
Alien OGHybrid77.5901.0/4.18
Pineapple ExpressSativa/Dom80.301.9/3.8
Jack the RipperSativa/Dom69.50.6/5.4
Royal HighnessHybrid79.802.6/2.1
Purple CadillacIndica/Dom73.201.2/4.2
Passion FruitHybrid78.4901.55/4.85
24K GoldIndica/Dom78.4701.77/3.46
Lavender JonesHybrid83.901.1/4.0
Mary's Peak OGHybrid72.5.341.57/5.5
Cindy 99Sativa/Dom84.2.251.43/4.4
Ace of SpadesIndica/Dom73.3301.25/5.83
Sky OGIndica/Dom80.301.6/3.7
Jack HererSativa81.10.77/5.04
Half gram shatter
Banner (Dab Society), .5gSativa/D79.1%2.4%
Cookies & Cream (Dab Society), .5gHybrid69.7%2.1%
GSC Berner Cut (Dab Society), .5gHybrid71.1%.0%
Nine Pound Hammer (Dab Society), .5gIndica/D71.8%1.3%
Purple Kush (Dab Society), .5gIndica69.5%0.3%
White Super Skunk (Dab Society), .5gHybrid76.3%.0%
White Cookies (Dab Society), .5gHybrid72.1%3.1%
Full Gram Shatter
Boujee Berry (Dab Society), 1gHybrid62.7%2.2%
Lemon (Hood Oil), 1gHybrid69.6%.3%
Lite Me Up (CBD 2:1), (Dab Society), 1gHybrid24.3%43.5%
Master Cough (Hood Oil), 1gIndica73.9%1.6%
Montana Silvertip (Dab Society), 1gHybrid70.2%2.7%
Purple Hindu Kush (Hood Oil), 1gIndica74.3%.0%
UK Cheese (Hood Oil), 1gHybrid71.6%3.5%
Viper Cookies (Hood Oil), 1gSativa75.09%.11%
White Cookies (Hood Oil), 1gHybrid69.8%3.4%
Bubba Skunk (Dab Society)Hybrid73.7%2.2%
Jesus OG (Hood Oil)Hybrid71.0%.0%
Sour Grape (Hood Oil)Hybrid70.6%.0%
Gelato Crumble (Hood Oil)Hybrid72.7%.0%
Mendo PCK Sap (Hood Oil)Hybrid72.45%.0%
Various processors
Full grams only
Mendo BreathIndica68.30n/a
Dawgy TreatsIndica75.410n/a
Lemon LarryHybrid76.98.270/6.38
Purple MagooHybrid72.96.110/3.39
Cosmic CookiesHybrid73.810n/a
Golden Ticket x Big BudHybrid71.9.5n/a
Canapa MistaHybrid77.333.88n/a
Full Gram Shatter, Snap 'n' Pull
Budget Price
3 Kings by Death StarIndica70.50
Platinum GelatoHybrid77.90
Wedding CakeHybrid70.40
Huckleberry DieselSativa75.70
Sour DieselSativa76.40
GQ by GCSativa73.80
Agent OrangeSativa78.31.2
Chem Sour DieselSativa74.00
Saturday is Shatterday. 10% of ALL ConcentratesCheck regularly for CLEARANCE sales and holiday specials!

Rosin, Live Resin, Kief and Hashish

NameTHC%CBD/Terps%Type, Style
Rosin, Kief & Hashish
Full Grams Only
Afgoo Rosin74.190/8.3Indica
Grease Monkey Rosin65.00/9.37Hybrid
Grease Monkey Kief29.9.06/naHybrid
Candyland Kief34.9.96/naHybrid
Polynesian Chocolope Cookies Kief36.40/naSativa
Ghost Walker Kief34.60/naHybrid
Ghost Walker Hashish34.60/naHybrid
Banana Cream Hashish29.60/naHybrid
Grease Monkey Hashish31.5.08/naHybrid
Neapolitan Hash29.3.49/aHybrid
Live Resins
Full Grams
Gas Monkey72.2.42/naHybrid
Super Silver Haze73.92.51/naSativa
Kief and Kief products
Full Grams
Mendo Purple x Mr Nice Kief32.9.12/naIndica

Dab Oil Syringes and Miscellaneous Extracts

Full Gram Dabbable Oil in Syringe
CO2 Distillate
Dutch Treat.32%88.7%Hybrid
Sour Haze.6%93.9%Sativa
Jack Wreck.37%92.1%Sativa
EXHALE Dabbable Oil in Syringe
Full Gram Only
BHO Distillate
El Jefe.0%88.2%Indica
THC-A Crystalline by SELECT.0%87.1%na
T-SHOT by Green Dragon
THC Spray w/peppermint
CHERRY PIE Terpene DIstillate
.5 gram
.5g bud, .5g oil rolled in kief
Strain Specific
Obama Kush.89%36.82%Hybrid
PEARLS by KarmaLike METEORITES, only smallerA variety of Flavors


Recreational Edibles

Blaze THC DEADHEAD Head Trip Watermelon Gummies0mg50mg
Blaze THC White Chocolate Candied Lemon Drop Bar0mg34.89mg
Blaze THC White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Bar.0%34.9mg
CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans by Oregon Pure Wellness84mg0mg
CBD Milk Chocolate Espresso Beans by Oregon Pure Wellness84mg0mg
Chalice Blood Orange Gummies0mg44.3mg
Chalice Dark Chocolate Mocha Bar0mg44.1mg
Chalice Limeade Gummies0mg45.5mg
Chalice Mango Peach Gummies0mg41.3mg
Chalice Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar0mg42.7mg
Chalice White Chocolate CHAI Bar0mg43.7mg
Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies0mg44.3mg
Chocolust CBD Chocolate Hearts95mg7.3mg
Chocolust THC Chocolate Hearts0mg49.6mg
Cranberry Coconut Walnut Cookies0mg41.1mg
GRON 1:1 (CBD:THC) Chocolate Bar42mg42mg
GRON 1:1 Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts50mg50mg
GRON 72% Dark Chocolate Bar w/Espresso Bean0mg`45mg
GRON 72% Dark Chocolate Bar w/Sea Salt0mg49.5mg
GRON CBD White Chocolate Blueberries49mg2.7mg
GRON Dark Chocolate Bar w/Toffee0mg44mg
GRON Milk Chocolate Bar w/Roasted Hazel Nuts
GRON Milk Chocolate Bar w/Sea Salt0mg48mg
GRON Milk Chocolate Bar w/Toasted Coconut0mg40.5mg
GRON Pure CBD Dark Chocolate Bar50mg0mg
GRON THC Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans0mg50mg
GRON: 1:1 Milk Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts50mg50mg
GRON: 1:1 Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel49mg49mg
GRON: CBD White Chocolate Covered Blueberries49mg2.7mg
GRON: THC Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans0mg50mg
Not Your Granny's Hard Candy and Gummies (Several flavors)44mg0mg
Sour Bitz Cannabis Gummies0mg45.3mg
Squib THC Gummies -10 flavors0mg40 - 46mg
Sugga Bitz0mg41.4mg
That Taffy Indica Mixed Berry Taffu0mg45.75mg
That Taffy Sativa Mixed Berry Taffy0mg48mg
Wana Blueberry Sativa Gummies0mg50mg
Wana Jewels--Hard Candy0mg45.9mg
Wana Mix Flavor Sour Gummies -Hybrid0mg44.46mg
Wana Salted Caramels0mg48.5mg
Wana Strawberry Indica Gummies0mg50mg
Wana Watermelon Sativa Gummies0mg50mg
WYLD Blood Orange (Sativa) White Chocolate (Singles and 10-packs)0mg48mg
WYLD Marionberry Indica Gummies0mg50mg
WYLD Peach (Indica) White Chocolate (Singles and 10-packs)0mg47mg
WYLD Pomegranate 1:1 Gummies48.7mg50mg
WYLD Raspberry Sativa Gummies0mg50mg
WYLD Strawberry (Hybrid) White Chocolate (Singles and 10-packs)0mg50mg
WYLD Strawberry CBD Gummies113mg0mg

Medical Edibles

GRON Dark Chocolate Espresso Bite0mg75.67mg
GRON Milk Chocolate Almond Bite13.09mg70.42mg
GRON Milk Chocolate Bite14.28mg71.75mg
SQUIB100 by LBA in several fruit flavors0mg90-100mg
That Taffy Indica Mixed Berry Taffy0mg94.35mg
Vitonic Infused Beverages (Mango, Apple & Punch)16.5mg99.9mg
WYLD: 100mg THC Marionberry-Indica Gummies0mg100mg
WYLD: 100mg THC Raspberry-Sativa Gummies 0mg95.7mg



1:1 Cannabis Tincture by Siskiyou Sun Grown326mg/1oz. bottle222mg/1oz. bottle29.5ml
1ml 1:1 Cannabis Oil [RSO] by Siskiyou Sun Grown 34.61%25.36%1ml (1g)
1ml CBD Cannabis Oil [RSO] by Siskiyou Sun Grown 69.59%2.21%1ml (1g)
1ml THC Cannabis Oil [RSO] by Siskiyou Sun Grown 7.59%64.18%1ml (1g)
apothecanna calming body creme11mg/bottle10mg/bottle2oz. bottle
apothecanna everyday body creme12mg/bottle12mg/bottle2oz. bottle
apothecanna extra strength relieving body creme24mg/bottle24mg/bottle2oz. bottle
apothecanna extra strength relieving body spray49mg/bottle47mg/bottle2oz. bottle
apothecanna extra strength relieving creme108mg/bottle108mg/bottle8oz. bottle
apothecanna stimulating body creme12mg/bottle11mg/bottle2oz.bottle
CBD Cannabis Tincture by Siskiyou Sun Grown584mg/1oz. bottle227mg/1oz. bottle29.5ml
Dr. Jolly's 10:1 CBD Tincture286.8mg/bottle24.6mg/bottle1oz. jar
Dr. Jolly's RSO - Berry White (Ind. Dom.).26%78.9%1g syringe
Dr. Jolly's RSO - Kimbo Kush (Ind.).9%77.8%1g syringe
Dr. Jolly's RSO - Mountain Remedy (CBD 2:1)42.04%20.58%1g syringe
Dr. Jolly's RSO - Sour Diesel (Sat.).18%68.0%1g syringe
Dr. Jolly's RSO -SFV OG (Hyb).3%75.2%1g syringe
Empower Soaking Salts35mg/package2.9mg/package4oz. or 16 oz. packages
Pacific Wave 1:1 Salve32.34mg/jar31.68mg/jar1oz. jar
Pacific Wave CBD Salve
Pacific Wave Healing Liniment49.25mg/bottle47.74mg/bottle1oz. roll-on
Select 1:1 Drops (Cinnamon flavor)381mg/1oz. bottle324mg/1oz. bottle30ml
Select CBD 1000 (Lemon Ginger and Lavender flavors)999mg/1oz. bottle0mg30ml
Synergy 1:1 Transdermal Patch25mg/patch24mg/patch1.2g
Synergy CBD Transdermal Patch63mg/patch3mg/patch1.2g
Synergy THC Transdermal Patch.5mg/patch40mg/patch1.2g
THC Cannabis Tincture by Siskiyou Sun Grown137mg/1oz. bottle558mg/1oz. bottle29.5ml